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HDR vs Flash Photography for Real Estate

Here are examples of our HDR and Flash Photography. Both methods of taking real estate photography are totally acceptable and depending on your budget, that may be the deciding factor on which method is right for you. Our photography packages default to HDR photography. This allows us the ability to quickly be in-and-out of your client's home within 1.5 hours. Our flash photography requires setting up each shot for each room and determining the best use of our flash to properly fill that room to get the right shot. Our sessions are broken up into half day shoots (4hrs) and full day shoots (8hrs) to capture your client's home. This style of photography is considered to be a higher end product with sharper images, more true to the color and lighting of the room and is typically what you would see in national home magazines like Better Homes & Gardens.

On the left is our HDR Photo and on the right is our Flash Photo

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